Well, here we are! “We” are Deirdre and Gabriel Mercier with our 18 month old son, Marcel. Today, February 1st, 2016, marks the 1 year anniversary of our big move. To make a very long story (which we will divulge over time) short, on February 1st 2015, a livestock truck dropped off 110 sheep onto my parents small farm where I grew up; the beginning of a sheep dairy project with a final goal of cheese and yoghurt making.

The rest is history.

By “history”, I mean “now”. The rest is the now. And the now is the constant up and down’s of a new business venture; the continuously evolving and revolving daily challenges of beginner farmers; and the overwhelming feeling of pride and satisfaction of building a life and a future we are extremely passionate about.

Through this blog we hope to engage our readers in our journey; a journey from the eyes of brand new farmers.

We will share our thoughts about the transition from secure incomes to the un-predictable. We will share what we have learned and what we have yet to learn with regards to purchasing and/or investing in a farm. We hope to provide insight to others who are thinking they may want to create a similar path to ours. We speak to many people who love the idea of a lifestyle transition such as we are undertaking but cannot wrap their head around how to actually go about doing it. Where do you start when you don’t have a starting point?

We believe there are many ways to tackle life’s challenges and what works for one may not necessarily work for another. By following our journey we hope to help some of you navigate potential obstacles that await you. We hope to both answer some of your questions and to generate thoughts you may not have considered in order to develop your own path. Mostly we want to learn from you. We are excited about creating a network of like –minded friends that we can help but that are also full of wisdom and ready to share with us.

Through our entries we will be real. We will talk about our achievements but also our lessons learned. Notice I did not say our “failures”. We will not acknowledge our down-points as failures. We have agreed that through this journey we will only learn and get stronger. This may sound ushy-gushy, but let’s face it; it is certainly more motivating to tell yourself that you have learned a lot rather than saying you have failed a lot. We can easily say that in the last year we learned A LOT and looking forward… unfortunately… or fortunately… we know that we still have a LOT more to learn. By reaching out to our readers, we also hope you will reach out to us and keep pushing us to continue our dream so we can turn around and do the same for others.

We will try to keep providing interesting insight and hopefully a few laughs; giving you a reason for another refill of java and adding us to your morning reads.

Thank you in advance for checking in with us and we hope to provide you (and us) with a smooth rather than bumpy road ahead.

Deirdre, Gabriel & Marcel