A quick update on the farm front. We are about one-third through lambing. We (mostly Gab) are tired but it is going pretty well.

This past weekend, was rock-and-roll for us. Friday night Gab did not sleep at all; he was in the barn all night. Saturday night, I took the midnight shift, one that also turned into an all nighter. In two days, our flock grew by 21 lambs. On top of not having slept ourselves, Marcel was sleeping opposite schedules to ours and my mom (who normally helps us full-time) was away on a trip. This was difficult. It was certainly a Grand-Maman appreciation weekend. I understood this week what she meant when, a while back, I asked her ‘’how did you manage to raise 6 children?’’ and she answered ‘’I certainly wasn’t writing blogs…’’. I don’t have 6 children, but this weekend I felt like I was 6-kid tired.

Grand-Maman and Marcel’s cousin Hélène.

We have had a few hiccups recently . One of our ewes was having trouble lambing and we could not seem to help her. We ended up calling the vet who came and extracted the lamb within minutes and gave us tips on how to do so for the next time this happens (the lamb was positioned sideways). We also had a significant prolapse to deal with. Although not as severe, luckily I had dealt with this before ( * See Post ‘’Oh Alma…’’) so we were able to take care of it on our own (after a phone call to a fellow sheep farmer of course). Thirdly, one of our lambs broke its leg and we are not sure how so. Lastly, just last night we had a ewe pushing out 2 babies at the same time. We tried to push one back, letting one come out first. No luck; both ended up coming out in piggy back formation. They are both fine, but that was kind of weird and had us questioning what we should do.

The feeders make a great observation point!

We currently have 80-some healthy babies ( we have lost 5 so far) from 40-some healthy mommas. Most ewes delivered twins however we have many sets of triplets as well. Fingers crossed, our success continues (and my mom’s flight home is not delayed… 1 more sleep…)