We’ve got cheese! I mean one that we CAN and ARE selling!

1  1/2 years of an unexpected amount of hard work wrapped in a vacuum sealed bag with a sticker.

For us this represents:

  • many weeks of consecutive sleepless nights;
  • 24 hr/day on-call babysitters;
  • financial stress that melted pounds away;
  • 2 unbelievably supportive families who worked many long hours for nothing in return;
  • working through physical pain and illness;
  • having to work through really hard times such as the loss of family members ( yes…plural);
  • making due with what you have;
  • being creative; and
  • staying positive.

Hmm… worth it? We hope so! The roller coaster continues however I can say that we are getting used to the ride. My brother (who I mentioned before is a dairy cow farmer) told me after one of our very low and uncertain moments ” don’t worry, you will get used to it; this is not the only time you will feel this way’’. In a weird way, this was kind of comforting. I would say we are only starting to scratch the surface of what he really meant. We know we have a long way yet to go; we have a lot of wrinkles to iron out for the future of this product however, we are very proud of this accomplishment. We are sticking to our mind set; that no project is impossible (some are just really really hard).

We have been selling our cheese from our farm and several farmers markets. We are also very excited about the feedback we are getting. We have had lots of friends-of-family and friends-of-friends stopping in to pick some up because they heard of our product through the grapevine or have tried the cheese and wanted to buy more.

Then this happened….

The owners and chefs of a new local take-out restaurant in North Rustico, The Yellow House, were giving a cooking demonstration at Old Home Week and decided to feature our cheese in their recipe!! They did a delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup demonstration. We were very excited about this.

Perhaps some bias here, but it was a winner among the audience. *Pardon the crappy focus.

As for our barn, the milking parlour is coming along nicely. Oh how we are excited to be able to work out of our own farm. This is going to save a lot of Gab’s time that is now spent on driving between our farm and the farm where our milking sheep are located.  I will post pictures when it is finished.

We are anticipating another hard fall and winter, but can see through to the spring where things start rolling a lot smoother. We are almost there… Again, we hope!

For now, Good Night!